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Wrinkles Treatment – LED Mask

Make wrinkles disappear with LED light therapy!

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They talk about us

They talk about us

You want to reduce wrinkles and slow down aging ?

Have you ever wondered :

  • How can I makes wrinkles disappear?
  • How can I look younger and more beautiful?
  • How can I prevent my skin from aging too fast ?

As you’re reading this page you’ve probably asked yourself one or more of these questions and you’ve probably made your own research…

Only to find that…

Most of the solutions available involve dangerous plastic surgery, which is not natural at all, in addition to being very expensive.

The market is full of dangerous and expensive solutions

Wrinkles disappear with LED light therapy

Lenwon’s LED mask is the very first wrinkles reducing and anti-aging technology that actually brings fast results. It helps to deeply stimulate the cells of your face and make your skin look much younger. Results are immediately visible from day one.



These are the results our clients get after 4 to 12 weeks of LED therapy. 

Why does it work ?

1. The LED light penetrates the skin cells with a rejuvenating effect

In a study conducted in the United States, 90% of patients had noticeably smoother skin after only 4 weeks of LED therapy.
Patients also showed signs of decreased facial redness and increased cellular collagen levels.

2. It only takes 30 minutes of use per session

For optimal results, use the LED mask 30 minutes a day. Simply plug it into an outlet and put it on your face with the desired mode while you are watching TV or reading a book.

3. Positive effects are permanent

With regular use your skin will stay young, firm and wrinkle free for many more years. LED light therapy allows you to look 5, 10 or even 15 years younger!

Scientifically proven benefits

The LED face mask has been proven to deeply rejuvenate skin cells,  reduce fat deposits, adapt to all skin types and to make your face look smoother after the first use.

Evaluation of light-emitting diodes (LED) effect on skin biology (in vitro study)


Background: Interest in anti-aging approaches has grown significantly in recent years. The most popular are the non invasive methods to decrease the signs of aging. One such method is LED-based therapy.

Methods: This study investigated the potential of two different wavelengths, 590 nm and 630 nm, combined or not, in the photobiomodulation of proteins involved in the slowdown of the skin aging.

Results: These in vitro results on cell viability, cell shape, and mitochondrial function support and build on previous studies suggested that LED treatment is safe. Regarding its biological functions, our data indicated that the combination of two different wavelengths acted in synergy to enhance the impact of each irradiation alone. Combined, the LED wavelengths could improve in vitro the cell shape, the cell proliferation, and the level of major proteins involved in the healing process.

Conclusion: These benefits may lead to reinforcement of the skin organization and structure. This hypothesis will be checked in future clinical studies.

Keywords: chronological aging reverse; cumulative wavelengths; healing process; light-emitted diodes; proliferation.

Recommended by dermatologists

I’ve recommended it to many patients

I have already recommended it several times to patients who asked for anti aging solutions, and they came back really satisfied.

Katia Valon
Care Medical Clinic

The only safe and efficient solution!

If you are looking for a safe and effective solution, I suggest you try Lenwon’s LED masks. There are many serious scientific studies showing that to this day LED therapy is the most efficient in preventing skin aging and limiting appearance of wrinkles. I personally use the mask too.

Paul Sanchez

A phenomenal invention!

It’s been shown several years ago that LED light can deeply improve the skin and make it rejuvenate. Thanks to the Lenwon brand for developing a LED mask that now allows everyone to benefit from this natural technology. It’s really never been so simple to take care of skin from home!

Samantha Smith

Start today!

LED Mask Classic

Wear the mask for 30 minutes a day to see visible wrinkles reduction from week 1. This mask is covering only the face. 

Reduce Wrinkles

Rejuvenate Skin

Powerful anti-aging effect 

Covers neck

£89.00 $£39.00


LES Mask Plus – Face & Neck

Wear the mask for 30 minutes a day to see visible wrinkles reduction from week 1. This mask is covering only the face as well as the neck. It is optimal to tone the chine skin and reduce double chin. 

Reduce Wrinkles

Rejuvenate Skin

Powerful anti-aging effect 

Covers face and neck

£129 £59.00


Approved by celebrities

Celebrities all around the world have already been using LED masks to look young and sexy, for many years. At Lenwon’s we’ve made this revolutionary technology affordable to everyone.

Natural and Environment-Friendly

LED masks offer 2 unique advantages. They allow a natural treatment of the skin and they are totally environment friendly because each mask is made to last for years, thus avoiding consumption of many creams and other solutions that have a negative impact on the environment.

1. Natural and healthy for the skin
With light therapy, no surgery is required. No more expensive procedures or Botox! LED light of various wavelengths naturally stimulates your skin and makes it look younger.

2. A mask is usable for life!
Lenwon masks are made to last. By buying a mask you will consume much less unnecessary products to take care of your skin and you’ll contribute to make a cleaner, eco-friendly world.


30 day money back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the results you get from Lenwon’s LED mask, we’ll refund you instantly.

What our customers say

Diya Fernandez

After months of using this Lenwon mask, I can confirm that the results are pretty amazing. I particularly notice how effective it really is when I stop using it for a week. Compared to other LED masks, this mask quality is of high standard. Definitely worth the investment and I would recommend it to everyone. I particularly noticed the difference of strength/power compared to other ones like peppy co.

Mila Escobar

So far I am loving this light therapy mask. The hands-free operation is great. Love the packaging as well 🙂 will write back in a few weeks once I get a feel of the results but so far so good!

Chantal Cunningham

I had been using a different brand of LED mask but was unhappy that it didn’t have lights that targeted the fine lines around my eyes a.k.a. crows feet (as it had glasses style eye protection and fitting). I was so happy to find the Lenwon LED mask that has lights targeting the eyes wrinkles. My skin is really sensitive but I did not get any reaction at all from this mask, this is a huge plus! I love how my skin feels soft and my fine lines appear reduced after a session. I’ve even gotten comments about how  “my skin is glowing” from friends and family that didn’t know I had been using the mask.

Detailed Information

What's included in the package ?


110 LEDs
6 custom treatments
Unlimited use


192 LEDs
6 custom treatments
Unlimited use
Neck extension

How to use the Mask ?

1. Clean and dry your skin

2. Choose your program and intensity (the mask is delivered with instructions) 

3. Put on the LED mask and wear for 15-30 minutes

4. Enjoy the results!

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