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Google sheet :

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How to use:

  1. Open the sheet go to Files -> Make a Copy
  2. When you find a new project, duplicate the Template and name it with the name of the project
  3. Go over each check-mark, research it if neccessary and check it if it’s affirmative
  4. Each check-mark is a positive sign for the project – the more checkmarks the higher the chances of success

Most Useful NFT Tools and Resources

Through our experience in the NFT and crypto sphere, we accumulated a bulky list of websites with tools and resources that we use on a daily basis. Since these websites assist us in our analysis and decision-making, we thought you might find it useful to have them as well.

Some of these websites are well known, but others are hidden gems that can make the difference between hitting a home run on a project or missing a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Hope that you will find these tools and resources helpful just like we do.

Happy grind!

Essential Tools

NFT Rarity & Finding Opportunities

NFT Data Analysis

NFT Calendars with upcoming projects

NFT tracker




Upcoming NFT Drops

NFT Market/Collection Analysis

The 10 NFT Commandments

1. UNDERSTAND RISK – Never invest more than you are prepared to lose.

2. DIVERSIFY – Diversify your investments to minimize risk. It is better to buy 4 NFTs from 4 different collections at the lowest price of the collection at 0.25 ETH per NFT, than to bet everything on 1 NFT from 1 single Collection at 1 ETH.

3. ANALYZE ADVICE – You must understand that investing in NFTs is inherently risky. It is possible that some collections that we handpick will not meet the expected success. Keep in mind that a single well-crafted resale can change your portfolio, and you can then capitalize on these gains.

4. CONTROL EMOTIONS – We are here to buy and resell NFTs at a profit. Do not attach yourself to a project, resell it as soon as it increases in value and do not seek to keep it “in case it continues to rise”. If you believe in the medium-long term future of the project, one strategy we use is to buy 2 NFTs from this collection, resell 1 at a profit quickly, and hold the second in the medium-long term for possible higher value.

5. AVOID FOMO – The cryptocurrency and NFT environment is certainly the most impacted by FOMO *(FOMO = Fear of missing out = Fear of missing out on an opportunity). Don’t be fooled by this fear! There are dozens of opportunities every day. You have to be pragmatic and only rely on numbers and your analysis.

6. KEEP LIQUIDITY – We recommend always keeping at least 1ETH on your Metamask Wallet so that you can take advantage of buy or mint opportunities quickly, avoiding supply times that can take a considerable amount of time and cause you to miss out of opportunities! Do not hesitate to resell some NFTs that you have been keeping for a long time and whose collection does not seem to be progressing in order to have ETH available for the next MINTs.

7. BE AWARE OF SCAMS – Just like in the early days of the internet, there are plenty of ill-intentioned people taking advantage of the hype and FOMO of NFTs to create scams. Never give the keys/seeds of your crypto wallets to anyone! Never pay after being contacted by private message on Discord or other platform. Always check the collections on Opensea before making a payment. Minimize the number of sites on which you connect your wallets.

8. PRACTICE SECURITY – It is highly recommended to store your long term Digital Assets (NFT, cryptos…) in a physical wallet. We recommend the Ledger Brand, recognized worldwide as the most secure.

9. BE PRESET – Be punctual! It is not uncommon to miss opportunities to make a considerable profit simply by forgetting! In the world of NFTs, you’ll quickly notice that punctuality is key. 5 minutes late on the release of an NFT project and it can be completely SOLD-OUT.

10. OWN THE STATUS – You must understand that by buying an NFT you are the owners and not the customers, you are therefore an actor in the success of the collection in which you invest. Act like one, be responsible for your investments, become a member of the community and protect your common interests.



NFT – It is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token. A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) can be simply described as a unique digital object, stored on the Blockchain. It can take the form of any format such as an image, video, GIF, audio track, and can even contain multiple formats.
MINT – Minting an NFT means to be the first to publish this Token (NFT) on the Blockchain. The minter is the first owner of the NFT in question. A Mint is a kind of pre-sale that is usually made at a preferential rate. Most of the time, the rarity of the NFT will be revealed after the Mint of all the NFTs that make up a collection. Many people mint NFTs directly from the creators of the collection in hopes of obtaining a rare item from the project. The mint is considered the primary market, and the user usually receives a randomly generated NFT. It’s a bit like opening a pack on Fifa Ultimate team or a deck of Pokémon cards.

Presale / Whitelist – List of people accessing the release of a project with the guarantee of being able to acquire one or more at the mining stage (Mint).

Floor price – The floor price represents the lowest price available for an NFT ready to be bought. This is the minimum amount you need to purchase an NFT from the collection. This is an important metric to consider when evaluating an NFT project. 

Drop/Launch – A term we use to refer to the release of new NFTs. So, if a project “drops” at 5 p.m., that means you can buy it online from that time.

Wallet – The wallets in the crypto world. You can store different tokens there such as your crypto-currencies and your NFTs. We recommend using the World’s #1 Metamask Wallet to buy NFTs and trade cryptocurrencies.

Delist – Means to withdraw your NFTs from being sold on the market because the prices are rising rapidly and you might resell it for more later.
Gas fee – This is the transaction fee paid to validate any transaction on the blockchain, including the creation (or mint) of an NFT for crypto artists. Any interaction with the ETH blockchain incurs gas fees. The amount of gas fees fluctuates depending on the number of pending transactions and can vary from a few dollars to a few hundred.

Gas War – The state of chaos that ensues when many people attempt to transact on the same project at the same time, driving up the price of gas fees for the entire Ethereum network.
Smart contract – The data of an NFT is stored in code on the blockchain called a “smart contract”, which contains all the details about the ownership and characteristics of the NFT. Smart contracts are used for all blockchain dapps, not just for NFTs.

Pump – This term describes the case when the price of an NFT increases rapidly. Example: “Prices have gone up 10x in 30 minutes, this project is really pumping!”
AirDrop – This is when you receive NFTs in your wallet without having purchased them. In general, it’s a good thing, like a gift from the collections you already own. But sometimes it can be a trick used by scammers to load your wallet with fake tokens which directs you to the scammer’s website which then empties your wallet when you log into it.
Bear Market – When the value of the market is falling
Bull Market – When the value of the market is rising

Roadmap – NFT projects usually have a roadmap for their future plans clearly posted on the project website. You can see their plans for marketing, growth, and new releases. Many projects include giveaways in their roadmap to add value to a community. They may also offer online events, new releases, or development projects, such as a game or integration with a Metaverse.
Secondary markets – Platforms like OpenSea, Solanart or Rarible, which allow holders to buy and sell their NFTs.
Reveal – The process during which the an NFT collection reveals its identity, art, rarity and specifications.
GM –  “good morning”. We say hello to each other because we are an upbeat and happy global community, and it’s nice to say hello to your peers as you start your day.
GN – “good night”.
IYKYK – If You Know, You Know. A polite form of FOMO in most, but not all, uses. Example: “My friend bought a punk. IYKYK”

Fren = Means “friend” (friend), the NFT environment is very community-based and therefore quite friendly.
GMI / WAGMI = “Gonna Make It” / “We All Gonna Make It”. It points to the happy future state where everyone will understand our NFTs as we do. Example: “My mother just bought a punk. WAGMI »
NGMI = “Not Gonna Make It” Used rather self-deprecatingly about own bad personal decisions. Example: “Sold a Bored Ape for 5ETH. NGMI”.

PFP – Profile Picture. Refers to collections featuring characters like punks, apes, cats, dog… and so on, which we use as our profile picture on Twitter and Discord.

FOMO – “Fear of Missing Out”. Buying an NFT because you are afraid of missing the next big opportunity. Example: “I made a FOMO on this NFT project and I don’t know why”
LFG – “Let’s F***ing Go!”. Used when you are excited about something / a project. Best used with rocket emojis. 🚀
NFA – “Not Financial Advice”. Used by most investors to inform the community to do your own research, make your own choices and make your own decisions.
DYOR – “Do Your Own Research”. Used by bloggers, you tubers and investors to point out to the importance of your own research and the conclusions you come from it, rather than relying solely on the information they share with you.


How to protect yourself against crypto/NFT scams?

There have been numerous news about NFT and crypto holders losing their possessions due to scams. More than $14 billion dollars have been lost in scams just in 2021.

With the explosive growth of the crypto/NFT community, we’ve witnessed a parallel growth of new, more well-thought scams. So it has become a necessity of utmost importance to do everything in our power to protect our crypto and NFTs.

In this guide, we compiled the 9 most important preventive measures that you need to do to protect yourself from getting scammed while taking part in the blockchain world.

1. Block your DMs on Discord

In recent months, Discord has become the number 1 medium for projects to stay in touch with their community. Scammers have taken notice of this and most of the new scam are now taking place on Discord. In order to protect yourself from getting an elaborate scams in a shape of a DMs, what you can do is block DMs from any channel you join.

You can do this by right clicking the Channel, then select Privacy Settings and disable the Allow direct messages from server members option. 

Keep in mind that while this will prevent scammers and spammers from reaching out to you, legitimate members of the channel won’t be able to contact you as well, unless they are on your friend’s list.

2. Use a Hardware wallet (Ledger / Trezor)

We witnessed many cases of users interacting with malicious websites and signing transaction with their browser wallet (MetaMask) where they keep the majority of their funds and NFTs.

In the unfortunate case where you do this, you are risking of allowing the scammer to drain your account and everything you had in possession on the browser wallet.

In order to minimize the risk, we highly recommend adding an extra layer of security by keeping the majority of your funds and most valuable NFTs on a Hardware wallet and only transferring the currencies and NFTs that you plan on actively using to your browser wallet.

3. Don’t press links not posted by official team members

You will be spammed with tons of links across all the channels online, including but not limited to Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.

Unless these links are added and verified by the members of the project that you are interacting with, you want to avoid them like the plague.

A lot of these websites shared by scammers might look identical to the original projects websites, but don’t let that fool you. Just keep in mind that you need to double and triple check the source of the link and then analyze the website that you are visiting before interacting with it through your wallet.

4. Don’t trust high follower/member numbers and ‘influencers’

A huge percentage of new projects are buying followers and members. This goes for any platform on the internet that is used to engage the crypto/NFT community.

It is incredibly easy to buy fake bot followers on Twitter or Instagram, and the same applied to Discord channel members.

What you need to analyze in order to understand the legitimacy of the project is the activity rate or the overall engagement of the community. The more people there are talking in a Discord channel, organize voice chats, or even hold regular AMA sessions the higher the chances that the project is a legit one.

Always do your own research and don’t come to conclusions based on an influencer’s advise.

5. Take your time and triple-check every decision

Yes, you might miss that hyped-up ape derivative at that low floor price, but you are also protecting yourself from a higher chance of avoiding getting scammed. Like any other investment strategy it is better to protect your already accumulated wealth, instead of aping into projects with ridiculous returns that might turn out to be rug pools or scams.

6. NEVER EVER give out your seed phrase and private key

This should be your mantra in the crypto space. There are 0 cases in which you should or need to give someone your seed phrase or private key. If anyone ever asks you from that, you can know that they are after your funds and you will be scammed if you go through with it.

  • Your seed phrase is your social security number. Handle it with extreme caution.
  • If someone gets it, they can take anything from your crypto wallets.
  • The only time you need it is to import your wallet to another computer/browser. Otherwise, just keep it safe. Print it out.

7. Avoid untrustworthy websites + ALWAYS Check the URL

Just a small misspelling (very common, we’re all human) will put you on a site that will look just like the authentic site. People can gain access to your desktop, seed phrase, and wallet.

A lot of these sites will look completely identical to the site you intended to visit, but they are not the legitimate website. Make sure to double and triple check the spelling of the URL and be very mindful when interacting with any web3 website through your wallet.

Also, If something sounds too good to be true on a site, it probably is.

8. Don’t trust anyone

Government officials, public figures, strangers who contacts you directly asking for payments in cryptocurrency or offering you an “investment opportunity” are ALWAYS there to scam you. 

Make sure you do your own research on anything that you want to put your money in and don’t fall for the scams of people who try to seduce you with promises of unbelievably high returns. 

9 Enable two-factor authentication

Whenever possible, activate 2FA. This goes not only for crypto exchanges, secondary NFT markets and wallets, but also social media, bank accounts and other online platforms where you might keep sensitive information.

On top of that, don’t keep your passwords unprotected. If you are using a lot of passwords, make sure you use a secured Password Manager, or even better, keep your passwords on a piece of paper that only you know where it is.

If you follow all these steps consistently and mindfully through your crypto and NFT adventure, rest assured that you will never be scammed and your funds and assets will be protected from malicious actors. 

There are millions of NFT’s for sale, and it seems like thousands of new projects are launching daily. How do you cut through all the noise to determine the best NFT projects to follow and potentially invest in?

For one, and depending on how much money you are looking to spend, you may not want to look at NFT’s as an investment. There are currently 4 million assets on OpenSea (the most popular NFT marketplace) and potentially millions across other marketplaces like (Rarible, Foundation, SuperRare, NBA Top Shot, and more). Knowing that the NFT universe is immense and ever-expanding, it is safe to say not all these assets will appreciate.

So, you might ask, what should you look for in a project? We find NFT’s with utility (defined below) as a great first introduction into NFT’s and their potential future uses.

Utility NFT: An NFT assigns a use to the digital asset outside of owning just a piece of art. A utility NFT can be one in which you receive a physical piece of art that matches the NFT you purchased; it could be special access to an event, exclusive in-person memberships, or future use in the digital world (think gaming).

Suppose you can find a project with a mission that you can relate to, which also has some form of utility. In that case, you are getting more out of the NFT purchase than simply digital ownership of an asset (art, photo, video, audio, etc.).


Crypto Baristas

Website: https://cryptobaristas.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptobaristas

Discord: https://discord.gg/cryptobaristas

ImageThe world’s first NFT funded café & more by us, Coffee Bros.!

Crypto Barista’s Season 1 will launch with 60 caffeine-loving characters whose ownership helps conceptualize and open the World’s First NFT funded Café.

Owners of a Crypto Barista enjoy caffeinated perks for life at all future cafe spaces and websites. Owners also control the “Barista Bank,” a 15% fund set aside from the project’s revenue for future use in the coffee space. Some potential uses for the Barista Bank can support charitable organizations in the coffee space, advance the Crypto Barista project, or start something new.

“The goal of Crypto Barista’s is to build a community of like-minded individuals that appreciate art, caffeine, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The project’s ambition is to initially open a physical space in NYC where art and innovation are at the forefront. The future of Crypto Baristas beyond that will be up to the holders and followers of our campaign.”

– Dan Hunnewell (Owner, Coffee Bros.)

The Coffee Bros. Crypto Barista project looks to solve the three sometimes lacking pieces in many NFT projects, governance, community, and ownership. The project will evolve through Seasonal launches, where each season focuses on a new endeavor within the coffee space while providing perks and governance to all holders.



Website: https://www.azuki.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/azukizen

Discord: http://discord.gg/azuki

ImageAzuki are the self-proclaimed skaters of the internet as they are “skating between the blurred lines of the physical and digital worlds as they are beginning to blend.”

As a project, Azuki is a collection of 10,000 avatars that give you membership access to “The Garden.” The Garden is where Azuki sees their project blurring the physical and digital worlds. Azuki uses its characters and partnerships for streetwear collabs, additional NFT drops, and eventual live events.

Azuki has also been seen pushing the boundaries with new offerings like their recent Bobu the Bean Farmer. Bobu, the Bean Farmer, was to fractionalize the artwork and create a Bobu Token where all owners in the community can govern the Bobu character within the Azuki universe. The token owners will guide Bobu’s future in this unique web3 experiment.


Kibatsu Mecha

Website: https://kibatsumecha.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kibatsu_Mecha

Discord: https://discord.gg/kibatsumecha

Brawler_TeaserKibatsu Mecha, created by artist and animator Jerry Liu, is a collection and story of 2,222 unique hand-generated and fully animated characters.

Kibatsu Mecha’s range in rarity and have a combination of 7 traits. A handful of Kibatsu Mecha’s will have the “mega rare” title and carry unique characteristics that are not seen across other characters in the collection.

The lore of Kibatsu Mecha: “Kibatsu Mecha and their pilots inhabit Megacity Kibatsu and its surrounding territories. They rumble in the Ataki Arena, one of the city‘s most dangerous yet spectacular fight circuits. They fight for many reasons – for glory, for riches, for the thrill, for revenge, for survival, for power, for honor, for love… but more on that later.”



Website: https://doodles.app/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/doodles

Discord: https://discord.gg/doodles


Doodles are a collection of 10,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are made up of hundreds of exciting visual traits designed by Burnt Toast. Hand-drawn Doodles include skellys, cats, aliens, apes and mascots. The Doodles collection also includes dozens of rare heads, costumes, and colorways of the artist’s palette.

What is so unique about owning a Doodle is that it allows you to vote on community-driven features and future products and events. The entire roadmap for Doodles is a collaborative experience between the collectors and the project architects/designer.

Doodles also has a community bank called the “Doodlebank” which is their treasury that is community governed and will be used to fund new experiences. Currently, and at the time of this writing, the Doodlebank holds over $5M in funds.

Doodles have seen the most unique progression in the NFT space after launching their Space Doodles project. “Space Doodles are personal spaceships for your Doodle. Each Space Doodle is generated from over 200 audio-visual traits and accompanied with stats that reflect the competency of your Doodle in its spaceship. Space Doodles and their stats will be used in future Doodles experiences that deliver surprise and delight to the wider NFT ecosystem.”


Women Rise

Website: https://www.womenrise.art/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WomenriseNFT

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/X5Ut9u7MGW


Women Rise is a 10,000 randomly generated collection by the internationally acclaimed visual artist Maliha Abidi.

The goal of the collection is to make the NFT space more inclusive and diverse by introducing more women characters as well as donating a percentage of primary sales to funds that focus on gender equality, girls’ education, and mental health in marginalized societies.

The collection represents women from around the world and the traits go beyond the diversity of just skin colors. Women activists, artists, scientists, coders and many others rising to make the world a better place!

Women Rise allows art lovers to own a unique art piece while also making the NFT space more diverse and inclusive.


Propert’s Virtual Realty

Website: https://propertys.xyz/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/propertys_nft

Discord: https://discord.gg/propertys

Property’s is the most innovative real estate collecting game in the NFT & metaverse space. Bringing together the mechanics of the world’s most popular games, they aim to provide an experience never seen before – on & off the metaverse. Each NFT is a collectible card that displays a piece of real estate inspired by different cultures & economics.

Property’s has been feverishly adding partnerships with other brands and NFT communities ahead of their launch. One such partnership is with the Crypto Baristas where the Property’s game will feature Crypto Barista-themed coffee shops and carts throughout the land.

Keep an eye on Property’s as their game is part of the Sandbox user-generated world which is just beginning to take shape.



Cryptoon Goonz

Twitter: https://www.cryptoongoonz.com/other

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptoon_goonz

Discord: http://discord.gg/cryptoongoonz


Cryptoon Goonz is by creator and tattooer @SeanTat2s and is a 6969 generative rubber hose style characters project with hundreds of unique traits.

Cryptoon Goonz reminds us of early Mickey Mouse style art, and each piece is decked out in pop culture, hip-hop, and streetwear references.

Cryptoon Goonz has a solid and passionate Discord community of >10,000 members and is worth the following to learn more about the project.



Invisible Friends

Website: https://invisiblefriends.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/InvsbleFriends

Discord: https://discord.gg/rndm

Invisible Friends is from animator Markus Magnusson, who brings 5,000 invisible walking characters to life. Markus Magnusson is rightfully known as Motion Markus, and if you take a look at his Vimeo, you can see why.

The Invisible Friends project is set to go live in February of 2022 and has already gained a massive following of Discord (250k+ members) and Twitter (373k followers).

If you are not lucky enough to beat the odds and mint one of the 5,000 characters, Markus has launched a very well designed merch bundle which can be found here.

Even the illustrator of the Crypto Baristas project is in love with Invisible Friends and can be seen speaking about the project on his blog about Best Illustrated NFT Projects of 2022

I know I already talked about a walking project, but it is a highly complex animation sequence to create. And in my opinion — if the character needs to walk in place as a loop, it is incredibly more difficult. This project takes my fear and walks all over it—pun intended.

Tony Bui of Crypto Baristas




Website: https://www.themekaverse.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MekaVerse

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/mekaverse


The MekaVerse is a collection of 8,888 generative Mekas with hundreds of elements inspired by the Japan Mecha universes.

The MekaVerse project was created by Mattey and Matt B, two friends and 3D artists who have jumped feet first into the NFT space.

The roadmap of the MekaVerse project includes bringing to life the Mekas through high-quality, 3D-printed toys. The MekaVerse project continues to unfold as the roadmap is driven by the founders and holders of the characters. The project’s future ambitions include streetwear, collaborations with famous artists, and potential short films using the characters.



Website: https://nouns.wtf/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nounsdao

Discord: http://discord.gg/nouns

ImageThe SupDuck collection has one of the best communities to date. The biggest investors and NFT collectors (whales) guys such as Banks or Garyvee …

The art offered is remarkable with a palette of bright and varied colors, mythical characters, a cartoon-like graphic universe with its own $Volt Token that should be released soon.

They are constantly innovating and have released their mobile application exclusively for holders. It’s a very ambitious project that has already proven to be a great  Long term investment. The floor price should easily continue to go up in the months to come.



Website: https://decentraland.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/decentraland

Discord: https://dcl.gg/discord

Decentraland is a virtual world with its own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that hands over control to the virtual space users.

Decentraland’s world is fueled by their marketplace of virtual in-game assets like land, wearables (for your characters), and more.

All that is needed to play is a web browser and a cryptocurrency/digital asset wallet like MetaMask. While the wallet is unnecessary, it improves the game’s experience as your wallet keeps all your digital assets safe, like names, collectibles, and LANDS.



It is not always easy to determine what makes a great NFT project or a worthy investment. When choosing the best NFT projects in 2022, we assembled projects that were more than just artwork (called Utility NFTs).

Utility NFT’s are those that assign a use to the piece of artwork, such as access to an event, exclusive in-person membership, or assets in a game. When deciding what to look for with your first purchase of an NFT, find a utility project that you would benefit from. For example, Crypto Barista’s is a coffee-themed NFT project that funds a café in NYC while giving caffeinated perks back to the holders (such as discounted coffee, free drinks, and more). VeeFriends is another Utility NFT that provides access to a multi-day super conference. Both of these NFT’s hold value beyond the artwork, which makes the purchase more sound.

As we monitor the NFT space in 2022, we will continue to add to our Top 10 NFT Projects to Follow list and ensure to have the latest and greatest project.

Until then, catch up on some of our other reading regarding NFTs.

Prime Kong Planet

Website: https://primeapeplanet.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PrimeApePlanet

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/primeapeplanet


After the insane success of their first collection, Prime Ape Planet is back with Prime Kong Planet.

The art is a copy of their previous collection that was a huge success story in the NFT world. 

It is not a surprise, considering that the founding team has worked for famous brands such as Disney, or the Marvel studio. They seem to have a long term vision with this project, related to the Metaverse. Many of you have made considerable profits by flipping their first project following our advice in December. 

An interesting project for a short term flip, surfing Prime Ape Planet hype!


WGMI Interface

Website: https://wgminterfaces.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WGMInterfaces


WGMI offers very high quality art that has largely contributed to its strong media coverage in recent weeks. We particularly appreciate the art, which is unique, with a strong virality potential on social media, and ideal for PFP.

The project claims to be purely artistic and does not present any utility roadmap, which could be a turn off for a lot of investors. 

However, the fact that they are honest about this is a big sign of sincerity and shows the legitimate interest the founders have in art. Reactions we are seeing so far are strong. Some notable collectors are following the project on Twitter, which is always promising. This is clearly an interesting project to track.

Invisible Friends

Website: https://invisiblefriends.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/InvsbleFriends

Discord: https://discord.gg/rndm


Invisible Friends is already part of the planned projects in 2022 even if the date of their release during the month of February has not been revealed yet. 

The project is a new hit by  “Random Character Collectible” which is slowly becoming an established name in the NFT world.

Created, designed and animated in 3D by Swedish artist Markus Magnusson, the project has had an impressive viral growth thanks to high quality 3D art and the fact that it’s being followed by big names in the NFT sphere. Pre-sale access is going to be tough but getting in at a reasonable price could insure a profitable short term flip.

Ideal project for collectors and flippers.

Imaginary Ones

Website: https://www.imaginaryones.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Imaginary_Ones

Similar to Invisible Friends, Imaginary Ones offers very high quality 3D art with virtual characters that have gained a very strong following on social media, with a high level of engagement. This project is led by a team with a very strong experience in branding, having worked with Nike, Heineken, Spotify, L’Oréal or Apple.This makes the collection even more interesting  when you know the importance of marketing in this field! 

According to our sources, the release of the project could be delayed from February to March 2022. An interesting project for a quick flip.

Hypebears Club

Website: https://hypebears.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hypebearsclub

Discord: https://discord.gg/HYPEBEARS



The quality of the art on this project is really astounding. 50% of the revenues will go into a DAO and their $HYPEB token should see the light of day in 2022 with stacking revenues and royalties. 

One of the most awaited projects of February 2022, followed by many big NFT collectors! 

Moreover, the project has been able to gather a massive and very committed community in only a few weeks! We think that it can be very profitable to enter at a reasonable price, given the high demand around the project.

Meta Eagle Club (Ex-Galyverse)

Website: https://galyverse.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/galyverse

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/galyverse



The art in this project is of exquisite quality and the community engagement on Discord is high.

This is a project that we particularly like in regards to art. The artist was reproducing Pokémon Brand characters that we felt would appeal to a wide audience. 

After having taken the measure of the monstrous copyrights imposed by Pokémon, “Galyverse” renamed the project to “MetaEagle Club” and then redefined the art of his NFTs but still keeps a very strong media exposition and a quite engaged community. An interesting project for a short term flip.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/dapenft

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dapenft



Apes, apes and more apes! 

How can we not mention this project in February 2022 considering the insane Hype. The art stands out and the project has a solid community on social media. 

It focuses on the fashion industry and is largely inspired by the Hip-Hop culture for which the founders have accompanied many artists or labels like 21 savage or Atlantic Records.

We particularly appreciate the focus on creating a community and not just a fan base, which should strengthen the engagement of their audience to ensure a high demand and therefore a potential price spike during the release.

Parallel Alpha

Website: https://parallel.life/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/parallelnft

Discord: https://discord.gg/parallelalpha



Parallel is a science fiction game inspired by a universe split into 4 parallel worlds.

The maps can be used through a remarkable virtual reality. Parallel has experienced a stellar growth with 100M+ in sales and is certainly the game with the highest development potential in 2022.

We are impressed by how passionate their community is. One of the “Masterpiece” cards in the collection sold for almost 1 million dollars.

The cards are selling at very affordable rates and a new drop of packs is planned for February 26!

A solid project that we’ll be buying for sure.

World of Women

Website: https://worldofwomen.art/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/worldofwomennft

Discord: https://discord.gg/worldofwomen



Gaaryvee declared this project to be his favorite.

Largely focused on women as its name suggests, the project is already one of the leaders in the field in just a few months of existence. The project supports and elevates the place of women in society through many actions such as the creation of a charity fund to help women with access to education, business creation, abuse and more …

They have been able to establish partnerships with the largest organizations in the world and should continue to expand in the coming months. Interesting in the medium term.


Website: https://supducks.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealSupDucks

Discord: https://discord.gg/4bxdBNBy9g



The SupDuck collection has one of the best communities to date. The biggest investors and NFT collectors (whales) guys such as Banks or Garyvee …

The art offered is remarkable with a palette of bright and varied colors, mythical characters, a cartoon-like graphic universe with its own $Volt Token that should be released soon.

They are constantly innovating and have released their mobile application exclusively for holders. It’s a very ambitious project that has already proven to be a great  Long term investment. The floor price should easily continue to go up in the months to come.

RFTK / Clone X

Website: https://clonex.rtfkt.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTFKTstudios

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/rtfkt



NFTs are hot and Nike does not want to miss this trend. With the purchase of the NFT collection “RTFKT” that everyone knows at this point, the sports equipment manufacturer intends to offer its own virtual products for sale on Nikeland.

Before being acquired by Nike, RFTK had already had volumes over 100 million dollars in 2021… With the support of  Nike, Jordan and Converse, the meteoric rise should continue!

Moreover, the project was co-created by the famous artist Takashi Murakami who will release his own project during the year 2022. Artist to follow absolutely.

Mutant Cats

Website: https://mutantcats.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mutantcats

Discord: https://discord.gg/mutants



You can buy Mutant Cats and get their $FISH token.

Each NFT earns $10FISH (approx. 200€) per day through stacking*, which can then be exchanged into ETH, or used. Mutant Cats is the first DAO* that buys projects like Cool Cats, CryptoPunks, BAYC and other NFT blue chips to put them in a vault and fractionalize their value to redistribute them to their members.

So you can own a fraction of the best NFTs, simply by owning a Mutant Cat. They spend a lot of money on those popular NFTs that are likely to continue to increase in value.

This increases the overall value of the project and the $FISH token.



Website: https://www.creepz.co/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBCreepz

Discord: https://www.discord.gg/coldbloodedcreepz


Creepz is a unique project that we particularly appreciate.

They have created an ultra-solid community that could almost be described as a cult, as their members are so dedicated. It must be said that Creepz offers its holders important advantages such as stacking via their $loomi token through a Play-to-earn where you can choose the degree of risk you want to take, and therefore the level of potential returns.

They have released 4 sub-collections that have been a hit and today very few Creepz can be bought on the secondary markets. An interesting project in the medium but also in the long term given the advantages of their tokens!

Lives of Azuna

Website: https://livesofasuna.com/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LivesOfAsuna 


The team behind this project is solid and the art is amazing. These anime-like projects, especially with women like Lives of Azuna, have been exploding lately.

A really good example is killer girlfriends (https://killergf.com/), which went absolutely ballistic.

There are 7777 NFTs in the collection and the floor price is 1.2 ETH each. They were minted earlier this January and have been flying ever since. Considering the recent performance and compared to similar projects in the past, I’m pretty sure that these are going to be going up.

I definitely suggest keeping this project on your radar and as you can see on their website they will mint again around January 27th , so definitely keep an eye on it and try getting on the whitelist as soon as possible.



Twitter: https://twitter.com/starcatchersnft


Another cool project that has been popping on my radar here and there is called Starcatchers.

They are being followed by Klon (the founder of the ultra-famous NFT collection Cool Cats).

Usually, when there are artists in this space being supported by other well-known artists it tends to perform pretty well. The art on this is very unique, I don’t know anyone else doing something like this. Their discord is closed, so you’re gonna have to be keeping your notifications on if you guys want to get in, and definitely keep your eye on this as it could be very solid.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/cartoons


Another sick project I’ve been seeing pop up lately is Cartoons. I think the art on It looks cool and I really like how they have one of the OG usernames on Twitter.

I think that’s just adding a lot of value to it in itself because most people won’t waste an OG username if they’re gonna just make a project and then runoff.

That just shows the dedication in this and there’s gonna be a 7777 mint with a 0.07 ETH price so nothing super expensive.

I think that you should keep them on your radar. With this project, the best is to get in early as I think these should perform quite well, at least on the short run.

Cool Pets

Website: https://www.coolcatsnft.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coolcatsnft


The community’s excitement is palpable because of the 20,000 NFT total supply. 10,000 will go to existing Cool Cats NFT holders. Then, the other 10,000 will give new NFT holders opportunities to get involved.

Cool Pets are going to be launching on January 28th. I’m very excited about this, the mint price on this is very steep at 0.5 ETH each.

 Because there are 20,000  in supply and there are a lot that are being given out for free it is possible that you could see these undermint. Another project that has been doing this type of 10k free for holders and then 10k for the general public is Bored Ape Yacht Club with Mutant Ape Club. These did phenomenal, right after their original mint they were selling about five times higher than the mint price.

 These Cool Pets could perform the same type of way it just depends on how the market views them and if they like the art.

 For the most part, Klon has been building this for a very long time. It has a very die-hard community. I think they should perform very well and I’m probably gonna mint as many as I can.

General Info

  • Release Date: January 31
  • Supply: 19,999
  • Mint Price: 0.5 ETH

Supply Breakdown:

  • 9,999 for Cool Cats Holders
  • 8,500 for Allowlist
  • 1,500 for Public Mint


Jan. 31st: Cool Cats claiming starts at 10 am EST — runs forever
Jan. 31st/ Feb. 1st: Allow List minting starts at 11 am EST — runs for 24 hrs
Feb. 1st: 2 hours of rest for the staff
Feb. 1st: Public Minting starts at 1pm EST

Sappy Seals

Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/sappy-seals

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SappySealsNFT


Sappy Seals is another project I’ve been following for a really long time. They have finally hit a 1 ETH floor. This project is very strong and I was advising people to buy them at 0.4 and 0.5 ETH. For the ones that did, they 2x their initial investments now.

The team behind it is very insane, they’re always working on things. I really believe that the 1 ETH floor is well deserved and the reason these have been moving like crazy is due to the Pixlverse and the very strong Sappy Seals community.

They have a ton of new partners as well which is absolutely insane. They are also making their own Metaverse in a way.

They already have the $PIXL token and if you own Sappy Seals you earn the $PIXL token passively so that’s also why people are scooping these up. If you own $PIXL I assume you’re gonna be able to use these to mint the future Pixl Pets.

They might have taken inspiration from Cool Pets or they’re doing their own thing but anyway people are pretty excited for this.

Their tweet from January 25th has 15,000 likes and 9,000 retweets within four hours, which is absolutely insane. Very big props to the team for the work!

These are new NFT projects you can research right now (January 26th) and potentially get white-listed or mint.

Evolution Apes

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvolutionApes

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/evolutionapes


This project is launching very soon. The reason I like Evolution Apes is that I was trading Apocalyptic Apes (https://opensea.io/collection/apocalyptic-apes)  a lot recently and all of their derivative projects are still doing really well in the NFT space. Besides, their artwork is really cool.

In terms of their roadmap, things are going really well. They’re very clear and specific in terms of how they’re going to add value to the community. 

For example, there will be extra funds that are going to be added to the community wallet. They also show exactly how much is going to be donated to charity. On top of that, 25% of royalties will go straight into the community wallet to help it grow.

There will also be an opportunity to put your NFT into use in the future. The project will allow you to breed new apes and in case the collection remains successful you will earn a lot more from new NFTs you buy and hold. So it’s definitely worth holding at least 1 of the NFTs you mint here.   

NFT staking is an obvious trend in the NFT sphere at the moment with newer collections so it’s nice to see that feature in the roadmap. 

They’re also talking about picking up virtual land when it comes to the metaverse experience and the other things on top of that.

The project is growing very fast, their Discord is getting thousands of new members each week, and a lot of people are trying to get onto the whitelist.

 These are all really good signs. 


Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetronwars 


TronWars is another massive collection that’s coming up very soon. They have a huge Twitter following with already over 45,000 followers and a Discord channel with over 82,000 members.

The artwork looks exceptional. I also like the fact that they’ve been spending a long time in preparation for the particular launch just to make sure everything is of the highest quality.  

They mentioned potential partnerships on Twitter and this is a very good sign as strong collaborations can literally make a project explode.

There’s also a new collection that will be awarded and distributed completely for free to existing holders.

It’s a good incentive to hold your NFT longer term.

Investors will also have access to their private investment program so it’s another reason to be hyped for this project.

Gooniez Gang 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GooniezNFT


Gooniez Gang NFT is another project coming up really soon.

They already have a massive following. They ran a giveaway where winners get 10 whitelist spots. On this particular giveaway tweet, there have been over 13,000 retweets which means a massive amount of people trying to get in and trying to get whitelisted.

The artwork looks very unique, and of high quality. This is always a good sign as many investors act based on how the art looks like.  

If you get whitelisted and you’re able to mint I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to make a lot of money on this project. So, get the job done and get whitelisted on this one!

Solana is currently one of the top 5 blockchains on the internet. In the past half a year, it has established itself as the biggest NFT competitor to Ethereum. One of the biggest benefits, especially when compared to NFT projects on the Ethereum network are its super low gas prices. You could mint, trade, buy and sell NFTs with only fraction of what you would pay on marketplaces like OpenSea. There are hundreds of NFT projects being added to the Solana blockchain, and the total number of projects, due to the lower entry barrier, is slowly approaching the number of projects on Ethereum.

There are dozens of secondary NFT markets on Solana, but these 3 are the most popular ones:

In this article, we decided to present you the 13 most popular projects on the Solana network, so you can get familiar with the type, styles and volumes of the higher tier NFT projects on this blockchain. All these projects can be found and traded on any of the secondary marketplaces mentioned above.

Degenerate Ape Academy

Website: https://www.degenape.academy/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DegenApeAcademy

Discord: http://discord.gg/degenapeacademy

ImageThere are 10.000 degenerated apes on the Solana blockchain. When you buy a degenerate ape from the academy you are become a parent and involved in the school’s activities of the ape. These activities include electing the student body president. The new proposals for the games updates will come as student council proposals and as an NFT owner, you can take part in making those decisions for openness and decentralization of their native currency. You are also allowed to breed new apes from your collection. Additionally, you also hold the ticket to a racing game – Ape Kart. If you stake your coins you can earn 7% APR. The real life events, giveaways and merch coming out from this project are all produced from these stakes. These Apes have sold well since their first introduction to the market. They have made $110 million dollars in volume at the time of writing this. Currently a Degen Ape goes for around 59 SOL.


Website: https://solarians.click/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/solariansnft

Discord: https://discord.gg/solarians

Z-6D the Supreme LeaderThere are 10,000 robots as part of the Solarians collection and they all have distinct attributes. Solarians have their own open market called the RoboDAO. They are currently working on 3D versions of these robots that are intended to be part of the Metaverse. When they drop, the system will have its coin called the Rumb. A play to earn currency is often profitable because you generate passive income from being a holder and additional income should you be good at the game. The treasure funds and RoboDAO decisions are taken with active participation from the holders of this NFT.

The current price starts at 1.64 SOL meaning you can grab one for less than $300 and it has the potential to be more profitable soon. The affordable nature of the robots should not influence your calculations on ROI. You can even reach 300% gains in a year if the announced updates come out to be true.


Website: https://solsteads.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/solsteadsnft

Discord: https://discord.gg/gcfEuWC5wT

59 Teeps LaneIf you are a real estate investor this one will be familiar. This projects hosts 2.472
virtual homes. Artists design homes and they can be bought by looking around. Holders also have their own unique house address. There is a directory for each holder to display all the nfts you own inside the house, but they need to have all other NFTs sharing the same wallet with their Solstead house. These galleries work for both Solana and Ethereum. Think of it as a home with a gallery to display and house your other NFTs. The revenue from this project does not all go back to the creator. A portion of it is donated to a charity in New Orleans called Rebuilding Together, an organization that repairs homes for low-income communities.

The project has low supply so the floor price could rise above the ordinary in no time. One Solstead is currently hovering around 9.5 SOL.


Website: https://aurory.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/auroryproject

Discord: https://discord.gg/aurory

Aurory is a play to earn desktop game. Players travel between Antik and Crypto and meet nefties in the process. These creatures are sold and exchanged during battles.

The game has a collection of 10.000 human avatars. If you own an Aurory, you will have access to new games first. You will also be rewarded with all the game modes including paid ones. You can also contribute to the voting process of the developers updates.

There are many investors on the project besides Solana’s team. There is the Alameda Research brand and Animoca, the current owner of a Sandbox, which is one of the biggest GameFi projects right now. These investors make the game’s reputation higher and more appealing to retail investors. So it is not surprising that the project is receiving all the attention right now.

Currently the price for one Aurory is around 21 SOL.

Pesky Penguins

Website: https://pesky-penguins.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/peskypenguins

Discord: https://t.co/upXnzFfKUL

Pesky Penguins started as a collection of 8.888 pixel art penguins. The developers created a system where the cheapest Penguins after a while get purchased from the marketplace and are burned. They call this system the Snowball. Currently there are 8.588, which means 300 penguins have already been burned.

When the supply of penguins reduces, the floor price of the penguins increases. It is an economics of scale tactic that was well thought through and executed amazingly so far. BNB, the cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain, has attempted this same economic strategy and their investors are benefiting immensely.

Another interesting concept of pesky penguins is that the eliminated penguins are displayed in what the developers call the pesky graveyard. There you will see all the victims of the snowball. The burning effect increasing price means that pesky penguins will be a high investment claim. When you measure the consistent floor price increase it makes sense to acquire Pesky Penguins.

Currently the floor price stands at 4.3 SOL, which is expected to rise soon.


Website: https://www.thugbirdz.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thugbirdz

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/thugbirdz

There are 3.333 uniquely generated birds. The idea of them being thugs works for people who want diversity and cultural inclusion in different urban areas. The birds feature tattoos, smoking and weird dark glasses. These thugs are designed to fit four categories. The thugs are ranked in a rare but related manner and the closer one is to the top the rarer it is. At the top, there is the boss which is only one bird. There are 25 other lower-level bosses, followed by the 315 enforcers.

Lastly, that leaves us with the lower level thugs, counting 2.970 birds.

If you want one of these bad guys it will cost you 65 SOL, which currently trades for around $11.000.

Meerkat Millionaires Country Club

Website: https://meerkatmillionaires.club/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mmccsolana

Discord: https://discord.gg/8GXGCwfvZA

Venus Labs created these 9.999 meerkats on Solana. These meerkats have over 175 traits.

The royalties of the meerkat go to the holders of each with 15% reserved for the project mint. So far the Country Club is receiving huge attention with over 120.000 SOL transaction volume.

These numbers will climb up with their 2022 updates and potentially triple their floor price and passive income to holders.


Website: https://solpunks.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PunksOnSolana

Discord: https://discord.gg/CJ772sEkGH

This project takes the same shape as Cryptopunk in its styling and attributes. There are eight categories for the 10 .000 avatars.

There are alien, zombie, and people punks. The NFT gives each avatar the same attributes as the creature they represent. The project will be supported by various wallets and traded at a low price.

Currently the Solpunks have traded with a volume of over 415.000 SOL and the numbers don’t show any sign of stopping.

Lotus Gang

Website: lotusgang.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LotusGangNFT

Discord: https://discord.gg/vs8VvHb35k

Lotus Gang is an Asian themed NFT project. There are 4.000 of these NFTs – 2.000 Lotus ladies and 2.000 Lotus lads, all wearing Asian attire. The idea behind this project is to help everyone understand crypto and navigate it for their benefit.

The project also donates 10% of all its proceeds to charity, so if you are looking for an NFT collection that is community based and relentless on social responsibility, this is the perfect project. The charity aspirations are also at the helm of this project making them the best choice for investors who share the same value.

As a startup project they are affordable, with the floor price standing at 0.59 SOL at the time of writing.

Boryoku Dragonz

Website: https://boryokudragonz.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/boryokudragonz

Discord: https://discord.gg/jSUWCYm3rF

There are exciting games on this one and a lot of people are excited about its coming. Boryoku has 1.111 dragons in the collection. Each of these dragons earns money for their holders passively. The passive income includes daily token air drops and breeding games. Holders earn 7 Boryoku tokens each day for doing absolutely nothing. A single Boryoku token is worth $4.15, which means you could make $31.5 per dragon each day.

There were times when the Boryoku token has risen to $20 translating to $50k annually for simply owning a dragon. There are chances of dragons breeding, which requires two dragons and some cash to hatch the dragons. There are plans to move the Boryoku-verse into a world of its own in the virtual world. The developers hope to make the currency more profitable than it is right now. One Boryoku Dragon currently costs $26.000.

Solana Monkey Business

Website: https://solanamonkey.business/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SolanaMBS

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/solanamonkey

SMB #1912Solana Monkey Business is a unique collection of 24×24 pixels of 5.000 generated monkeys. The project is heavily community-based and focuses on building the Solana blockchain as a group.

That is why they have included the on-chain voting system with exclusive access to holders. The members are also given their unique wallets. There is a great chance of vast business success as a project that makes headway in the metaverse.

The last project of Solana Monkeys sold quickly and with a sharp rise up the chain. Last October one monkey was selling for $2 million. The project raised $107 million last year and the upcoming update could see a quadruple worth.

A single monkey is now worth about 100 SOL, the equivalence of $30.000.

Galactic Geckos Space Garage

Website: https://galacticgeckos.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/galacticgeckosg

Discord: https://discord.gg/9pd6fKWdQk

Galactic Gecko #4049Imagine space racing geckos who have all had experience with war. That is what you get when you are in this NFT social adventure. The geckos are peace-mongers who use their spaceship races to mitigate conflict instead of war.

They are in the field together but work under four factions: Alura, Targari, Martu and Barada. The NFT gives you access to special features. The Galactic Gecko Space Garage holders will also have unlimited access to merchandise from the NFT and they get invited to special meetups that are fully funded. Holders also get giveaways from time to time. The creators intend to get more benefits as time goes. There are three collections within the Geckoverse. The collections and their current prices are as follows:

  • GGSG Galactic Geckos: 6.5 SOL
  • GGSG Enigma Crystals: 9.5 SOL
  • GGSG Concordians: 0.79 SOL

Why is getting on whitelists and pre-sales fundamental?

In most cases, being on a whitelist does three things:

  1. guarantees you the right to purchase an NFT before the public mint
  2. helps you avoid gas wars
  3. (on some projects) gives you an opportunity to purchase an NFT for a lower price compared to the public mint

The pre-sales is a purchase opportunity during a specific period of time set by the team –  30 minutes, 10 hours, 48 hours. There will be a specific number of NFTs reserved for wallets that are on the whitelist. If you don’t decide to buy during the time set by the team, then the NFT will be available to the public.

During public sales, especially when it’s a highly demanded project, the gas prices, which are the transaction fees, are going up very high and you’re going to have to battle against other people to potentially not even get an NFT. 

IMPORTANT: During a public sale of a project with high demand, you are facing the risk of paying gas fees and not even getting any NFT.  

Therefore, if you want to make money flipping NFTs on the Ethereum chain getting whitelisted is extremely important.

Now let’s go over 5 strategies to get whitelisted and benefit from the big advantages mentioned above. Please note that strategies 4 and 5 are the most powerful, by far.

Strategy 1: Grabbing attention by being active on social media

The Founding team of projects always appreciates when people naturally talk about their project or create content around it.

You could just make a Tiktok account and post 30 second clips of a project you find cool. You could also open a Twitter account if you already don’t have one, and then tweet things about the projects and the reasons you like them.

You’re spending all this time researching projects anyways, why not share what you’re learning and then you might get benefits from it as well. You will make amazing connections that are going to help you in the NFT space so the first way is to become a small influencer and being active on social media.

It’s not the most straightforward strategy but in the long term it will pay off big time!

Strategy 2: Giveaways

The second approach, which is not ideal, is taking part in giveaways.

There are a lot of twitter giveaways. You could just look up NFT giveaways and then take part in the ones you like. Keep in mind that there are a bunch of bots doing this so it’s not ideal since the numbers are stacked against you.

Your odds of winning are one in a thousand, or one in a hundred, it really depends how many people are in the room. But if it’s a hyped project, the chances to win are going to be very slim.

You will see that almost all projects offer giveaway whitelist spots at some point, either on Twitter or Discord. It’s a way to get on the whitelist but you’ll have to rely on luck.

Strategy 3

The third strategy is also not most efficient, but if you do this one you either grind level ups on the Discord channel or win invite contests.

If you’re early in the project and they have something like the following rule: “hit level three or get five invites” – that’s super easy just do it, submit your wallet, and move on to the next project.

Our approach is to get as many whitelists as possible and then just do the research later because the more whitelists you have for projects the more odds that one of those is going to be a 3x a 4x and that’s all you need.

If it’s an invite contest where only the top three or top five people win you probably should not join. There are a lot of guys that use bots to generate a lot of invites or even pay people on Fiverr for that. Odd are again stacked against you, but it’s worth doing it as part of the overall grind.

Strategy 4: Voice chats in Discord

The best way to get whitelisted is to join voice chat in Discord groups. There are a ton of benefits to joining voice chats.

The first one is that you get whitelisted way easier. There are always thousands of people competing to get whitelist spots in the general Discord chats. Sometimes there are even lots of bots in these chats. You’ll see several messages per minute and it’s very hard for you to stand out.

On the other hand, if you look at voice chats there’s often just 5 to 20 people talking in there, and often the same people. From my experience a lot of the mods, admins, and even the founders themselves like to pop in voice chats just to get to talk to their community and see what people think about the project.

You will have access to the founders and be able to ask them information on the project. This could help you find out if a project is legit or if it’s a rug pull. Even better, you can get in touch with the people that are launching the collection.  

By hearing your voice, they will see you as more than just a name and a profile picture. Voice chats are infinitely better to build reputation with the community really fast.

As a general rule, just be very polite and show interest in the project. Try to ask relevant questions and do your research on any project before asking questions. You don’t want to ask right off the bat to be whitelisted. Build a reputation and bring value, then you can mention being whitelisted, this will very often work.

In my opinion this is by far the best strategy and it has gotten me into a lot of whitelists.

Strategy 5: Alpha Groups

The last, and second-best strategy in my opinion, is to join one or several alpha groups.

NFTs like Plug Pass, Kaiju Kingz or Now Tokyo from Alex Becker will give you access to extremely solid Alpha Groups. Unfortunately to be part of it you’ll have to buy a very expensive token, so it’s not the best option. If you can afford it though you will benefit a lot from it.

There are also community Alpha Groups. We are personally part of 8 or 9 of these. In these groups you’ll find voice chats that are very good. All these groups are private and need to keep very high-quality people to be efficient. We are therefore not allowed to invite anyone in.

Alpha groups are made of very well-connected people in the NFT community, sometimes whales and will be able to have access to the best projects early.

To become a successful NFT trader you need to immerse yourself in the community, spend your hours doing your research and chat with people in Discord. Sooner or later you will organically discover the Alpha Groups that are good for you and get insider access to the best projects!

Tip 1: Liquidate fast, liquidate often

With a small amount of money to invest, you need to focus on consistency over home runs.

  1. Whenever you can take a 20%+ return on a flip, do it. Just make sure where your next investment will be.
  2. Every day you hold on to a project hoping for it to go up, is a day you can’t invest in another project that might net you another 20–30%. Don’t be greedy.
  3. Always have an exit plan before you enter a project. What this means is that you need to plan in advance at what price you want to exit. If you see the price steeply rising, don’t wait to start falling – sell at the price you decided to sell as part of your exit plan. If you keep for too long, the project might lose liquidity and you will be forced to lower the price.
  4. One of my biggest mistakes was getting over-excited about 3 NFTs that were more than 75% of my total portfolio. That led me to have to drastically slow down my investment momentum because my money was “trapped” in these projects. Keep in mind that the value of the NFTs you hold is not capitalized until you sell them. 

Tip 2: Find Projects With Stable Floor Price and Identify Thin Floor Opportunities 

Keep a daily eye on the floors of trustworthy projects. This usually works best with medium to high-size projects, but I would advise you to go with just medium ones if you are limited by budget. 

Find ‘thin’ floors; meaning buying a few of the bottom-priced NFTs would significantly raise the minimum price of the collection. Let me give you an example: here are the floor prices of the cheapest 5 NFTs in a collection:

  1. 0.4 ETH
  2. 0.409 ETH
  3. 0.449 ETH
  4. 0.449 ETH
  5. 0.45 ETH

As you can see, this project has a thin floor price, since getting the 2 cheapest NFTs will increase the floor price of the project by 0.04 ETH. In this situation, you could purchase the cheapest 2 NFTs and list them at the new floor price, which would be 0.449, or even slightly lower so your NFTs are still cheaper than the rest.  

Now you end up with an easy ~ 0.08 ETH profit. 

Tip 3: Find Projects With Stable Floor Price and Bid “Disrespectfully” Lower 

One of the best ‘home run’ ways to flip and make a small fortune is to convert your ETH to WETH on OpenSea and make bids on lots of items at well below the floor price. 

Keep in mind that this is a very, very tedious approach and works in around 1 out of 100 attempts, at least in my experience. But the more you try, the higher the chances you will hit a mini-jackpot. 

How I approach this is by finding collections that have stable floor prices and then bidding 20-40% below their floor. Then I immediately flip them slightly below their current floor price.

Why this approach works at all sometimes is either because the seller did a mistake or they want to liquidate as soon as possible.

Tip 4: Early Information is King. Live on Discord & Twitter.

You can’t keep up with everything in the NFT space. You need to focus on your niche. Once you pick your niche find all of the relevant sources of information on Twitter & Discord around it.

My underlying success was in keeping a close eye on community sentiment around projects on Twitter and Discord.

How can you do that?

  1. Look at established persons and accounts in your niche on Twitter and see who they follow. Add all of the relevant ones to your own Twitter NFT list.
  2. Use our NFT PowerClass eBook to understand what to look for in successful projects and how their discord channels should look

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