How I make $500-$1000/Day selling NFTs

By Joshua Taylor
Co-writer of NFT PowerClass Ebook

Making millions buying and selling NFTs is easy if you know how.

I’m not even joking. It’s easy to make money with NFTs. 
You just need to know how to do it. 
You need to find the right projects…
At the right time. 
And boom!
Buy, resell, take your profit… HUGE profit!
Over the years in my crypto and NFT journey I’ve built a clear strategy on how to do that. 
I’ve built a process to choose the right projects and I’ve developed indicators (KPIs) to look at to be sure to never fail and never be scammed. 
I call these indicators my NFT KPI, as they almost never fail. 
Sounds good right ?
Keep reading I’ll give you way more information. 

I flipped my first NFT 2 years ago… since then I’ve made over 1.7M$

I’m not even 28, and I’m already a millionaire. Thanks to NFTs. 
But trust me, I’m not born rich. 
I’m not from a rich family. Actually I’m very normal. My parent are blue-collar workers. 
I just like to spend my days on my computer, learning about technology, crypto, NFTs or video games. 
I’m not the most social person. 
For all these reasons, I got started in the NFT community way before it became a mainstream hype and this gave me a huge advantage. 
I now have more experience and understanding of this new technology than most people have. 
2 years ago I bought my first NFT. Few days later I sold it at profit. 
I then realized that I could repeat this almost infinitely… and you can too. 

At the moment my NFT business brings me $500-$1000/Day 

At the moment my fortune is increasing faster than ever before. The hype for NFTs is at its highest and with my flipping KPI strategy I make $500 to $1000 every day
Can you imagine that… 1000$ every day. 
I never thought I’d be able to do that. 
Many days it seems so unreal to me. Seeing all these numbers. All this money on my bank account. 
It just feels so crazy! 

This is how I invest successfully!

Flipping the right NFTs is now second nature for me, and it can be for you too. 
You just need to learn and be able to spot the right projects. 
To do so, you need to first understand NFTs very well and then apply the right strategy to avoid scam projects and invest in explosive growth NFTs. 
1. Find the right project
2. Make sure that the hype is huge for that project. The NFT industry is driven by hype and demand
3. Invest at the right time 
4. Sell at the right time
5. Re-invest part of my gains to make even more money

I took me thousands of hours of research to get here

I’ve built this NFT Powerclass ebook to save you thousands of hours of research. 
I’m passionate about crypto and NFT, I’m not gonna lie. For many years, I’ve spent most of my free time reading forums, following experts and buying online courses. 
I became really obsessed with the industry and it paid off big time. Now, in my early 20s, I’m a millionnaire. 
With all the knowledge and systems I’ve built, you’ll save thousands of hours of research. 
The NFT world is still so new it’s hard to find the information in one place. 


If you had bought Bitcoin in 2014… or even 2016

You would be a multi-millionaire by now.

What’s happening with NFTs now is the exact same. This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity.

In 6 months or 1 year it will be too late. More and more people are starting to invest heavily in NFTs which makes the market more mainstream and competitive.

In the next few months it will still be easy to make millions, but it won’t last.

It’s time to start… now or never!

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Why am I sharing my secrets ? 

Maybe you’re asking yourself why I’m sharing all my secret with you ?
Well there are a few reasons. 
First it’s my passion. I like to write and talk about NFTs and crypto all day. I’m happy to share. 
Second, the more people get into NFTs the more it’ll become popular and push prices higher. It’s an industry driven by demand, we all win if more people become active. Trade volumes will be higher and everyone will make more money. I really have no reason to hide my secrets, it’s 100% a win-win situation. 
Third, there are hundreds of new NFT projects coming out every day. I’m not riche enough to invest in all of them, neither do I have the time to do so. I might as well just share the info with you. 


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