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  Save up to 60% of space
Set of 6 packing cubes
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Your luggage is a mess and lacks space ?

It can be hard to stay organized when traveling. Your clothes are crammed into a small suitcase and get wrinkled. Everything gets mixed up, you can’t get to what you need quickly..

Security checks become an ordeal as you start sorting your suitcase on the conveyor belt in front of the police officer.

Airport security check becomes a nightmare 

You need to iron your clothes after a flight 

You lack space in your luggage 

Without a compression cube, your clothes shift around and you arrive at your destination with a mess resembling the closet of a 3 year old in charge of organizing their own wardrobe.
Travelling doesn’t have to be stressful! 

Neat and easy packing will change your life!

 Your clothes don’t get wrinkled.

 Perfect organization

 No need to iron clothes after a flight

 Different cubes for shoes, clothes, cosmetics, electronics… 

 Airport security check becomes easy 

 Your belongings stay clean 


Save 60% of space in your Luggage 

The Clothes bag lets you compactly pack your clothes in a luggage, which will help save 60% of space in your luggage !

The bags have a special design that will keep your clothes from getting wrinkled and will keep your belongings in a perfect condition

With Lenwon’s Packing Cubes you’ll save space in your luggage and you’ll be able to carry more things with you.



6 unique bags

Inspired by travel and the thrills of excursions, we created 6 designs with geometric patterns that will appeal to anyone.  To keep organization easy we made bags of different sizes and style. You’ll find everything faster than ever!

6 Packing Cubes of different sizes 

  Shoe Bag 

Cosmetic’s bag 

3 fully waterproof bags 


30 day money back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our great Packing Cubes product, we’ll refund you instantly (no questions asked).

What our customers say

Love love love! As I’m preparing for my trip to Morocco these cubes help me keep everything organized. I even got a bonus drawstring bag for shoes, socks or whatever I like. I love the way it rolls and snaps for easy storage. These cubes are functional and they breathe. Which is so important for long distance travel.


This thing is awesome!!! For the price, it comes with a lot of bags. My suitcase is NOT carry-on size. It is huge. There are enough bags here to fill the whole thing. I was able to fit in enough clothes and toiletries and junk for a month-long trip in this, with room to spare. Also I’m not a light packer — I didn’t even end up using a lot of the crap I packed (I overpack, it’s a problem), but oh well, I was able to fit them all in this thing. The shoe bag was also convenient – I was able to fit a pair of chelsea boots in them, though I don’t think I would’ve been able to fit anything else in them.


Recently purchased these for an 8 day, 5 country, European tour with only a carry on bag. I was pleasantly surprised in how much clothing I could pack into the largest piece. It was so nice to just pull out a container instead of searching through the entire suitcase to find what I was looking for. The smaller bags have a nice message on them. These weer great to hold items in my personal bag for the flight. This was a great purchase and helped me be organized for my trip. I will continue to use these for all my packing from now on.


The large cube is large! I got this for my hospital bag and they are great I could fit enough clothes and even the baby blankets in this, the print is really cute, I’m ordering a new set to gift my mom because she usually packs way more than I do when she travels and she loves organization!


I really like this set of packing organizers! The various sizes were great, and the color was very pretty. I did not have any issues with stiching or the print. My daughter did a 7 day Marine Biology camp on an island, and they had VERY limited dorm space. It was very easy for her to just keep her items packed, because all of the squares kept things organized in her suitcase. She said the SAVED her, lol! I would definitely recommend this set.


I’ve never used any luggage organizers before, but thought I would give these at try for my overseas trip. Really glad I did. They kept my things nicely organized, even when TSA opened my checked bag. I would recommend these nice organizer. Only thing I have problem with is opening the plastic snap closures on the interior straps. They are small with very little play when you push on them to open. Sometimes I get lucky and I can open them, sometimes I just give up and take my things out without opening the straps. I wish they would used better closures, or even velcro.


Detailed Information

6 Packing Cubes per set (details)

Every set contains 6 beautiful packing cubes 

Large Net Bag: 37x27x12cm (14.57×10.63×4.72″)
Medium Net Bag: 31x22x12cm (12.20×8.66×4.72″)
Small Net Bag: 20x15x12cm (7.87×5.91×4.72″)
Large Bag: 34x24cm (13.39×9.45″)
Medium Bag: 27x19cm (10.63×7.48″) 
Small Bag: 17x13cm (6.69×5.12″) 

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