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It’s so easy to make money with Play-to-Earn… yet most people don’t know how to do it 

Making a lot of money playing games is easy if you know how to do it. 
Maybe you’ve asked yourself the following questions : 
How can I start making real money with Play-to-Earn?
How to play and earn in the cryptoverse ?
What is the best game to play ? 
How to optimize my revenue ? 
These are all very legit questions, and you’ll see that it’s actually quite easy to answer them. Once you understand the basic strategies, Play-to-Earn will become second nature to you. 

Normal people make thousands of dollars playing games 

People making millions with Play-to-Earn are not Wall Street bankers, they are not billionaires like Elon Musk, and they are not geniuses with PHDs.
Successful people in these games are regular people just like you and me. They just learned how to do it and then took action!

For the first time in human history, anyone can make millions from a simple computer or a smartphone connected to the Internet.

It’s a revolution!



To be able to generate revenue with Play-to-Earn games you will need to understand the following things:

Which game to choose (much easier than you think)

How to scale your revenue with a team 

How to avoid scams

What strategies to use



If you follow the Play-To-Earn community, you’ve probably heard of Axie Infinity. It’s one of the most popular game at the moment and a lot of players make from $40 to $100 per day with that game.

A lot of smart players have built a team by buying several Axies and hired other players to fight for them. 

And as a consequence they are able to make passive income

How great is that ?

In the PowerClass Ebook we will teach you how you can build your own team and find other players to make you passive income. 

This happens every day. 

Smart players make a lot of money. 

All the below examples show you what you can achieve with Play-To-Earn: 

While you’re reading this, some 12 y.o. is playing games and making $400/DAY. You can also get started, even with no experience at all.


At the age of 11 and 13, the Flynn brothers make $3.5K/WEEK playing games. Learn how to do what they do and master the Play-To-Earn field even if you are a total beginner. We’ll show you how.

Honestly, we are only at the beginning of the NFT and Play-To-Earn revolution and those who seize the opportunity now, like the Flynn brothers did, will be ahead of the competition.


Step by step ebook to HACK Play-To-Earn games 

The Play-To-Earn PowerClass you will have a clear step-by-step guide to understand how to earn with games. 

Step-by-Step guide, you just have to follow

Have access to the best tools to get started quickly and take advantage of this opportunity

Benefit from a clear action plans that you can easily replicate at home

Take advantage of all future Ebook updates 



It’s very difficult to find reliable information about Play-to-Earn as everything is still so new. To get a better picture of how Play-to-Earn works you need to spend thousands of hours reading specialized forums and watching hundreds of videos.

It’s still a very new universe, with a potential that is absolutely tremendous, but finding the right information takes a lot of time.The Play-to-Earn Powerclass Ebook is written by experts in the crypto, NFT and Play-to-Earn sphere who have years of experience in the field.

They are geeks who are passionate about the subject and want to share their knowledge with more people. By downloading this complete guide you will make one of the best investments of your life by picking the brain of the most experienced players in the community…

You will have access to all the information in a single PDF, and you’ll be able to get started immediately.


If you had bought Bitcoin in 2013… or even 2016

You would be a multi-millionaire by now.

NFTs are also in the biggest hype EVER.. 

And so is Play-To-Earn. Most games never had as many players, which means there’s never been so much money in the industry, and it’s only starting now. 

If you seize the opportunity now, you can master the skill of making money with Play-To-Earn before most people even understand what it is.

It’s time to start… now or never!

eBook Play-To-Earn Powerclass™

150 pages – 100% action oriented

Full Axie Infinity Money Strategy : 83 pages Ebook

How to generate passive income with games 

Bonus 1: How to breed cats with CryptoKitties and make a lot of money

Some secret hacks never shared before

30-Day money back Guarantee


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Easy to understand explanation of crypto gaming and how gaming NFTs can have value. It was straightforward in describing the coming change in the gaming industry by blockchain – got me excited. I am completely new to crypto gaming, so this resource is very valuable for helping me learn the territory.

My fave part were the ways this trend can be monetized and how to find promising crypto games. Play-to-earn is nice, but this book helps to benefit in bigger ways. Smart and sweet guide, glad I took the time to pick it up.


Heard about Axie Infinity and thought crypto gaming could be big. Looking for good intro when I came across this book. Quick and easy read with all essential infos without the usual crypto hype. Helps to understand how gaming NFTs work. Cool was the part on finding crypto games and buying tokens.


I’ve been looking at ways to leverage NFTs in my industry and this book did a great job of explaining how they work.


Perfect, very well explained I recommend

Jane Bit

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the steps to follow, thank you for the pportunity, the NFT is really the future.


In one word Perfect! This subject that I thought was only for geeks and in fact exciting even for a woman ^^. The author explains well and knows the subject. I recommend it if you are a beginner like me!


Simple and useful reading.


This book was so much better than digging through information online. Everything you need from a good source in one place to start making money with games.


Crypto games are the newest trend in crypto, this book is a great guide into this goldmine. I was skeptical at first, but the book covers important categories and aspects. The author highlights ways to earn money with crypto games that go beyond just play-to-earn. Glad I found this.


So much valuable information.


A must read to learn play to earn games. This was an easy to understand well written book. I’ve already started monetizing games and I’m so happy I read the book. 


Neat read! An excellent example of informative non-fiction— thorough, evenhanded and wonderfully written. 


Some of the content you’ll find in the Ebook:

150 pages – 100% action oriented

Full Axie Infinity Money Strategy : 83 pages Ebook

How to generate passive income with games 

Bonus 1: How to breed cats with CryptoKitties and make a lot of money

Some secret hacks never shared before

30-Day money back Guarantee

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