What Is CATS About? Everything You Need To Know About Andrew Lloyd Webber's Hit Musical

There are few topics that I feel that I am more qualified to talk about than Andrew Lloyd Webber’s global phenomenon musical, CATS.

Following the release of the upcoming film version’s trailer, the internet was swiftly divided between those who disliked it simply because it’s CATS, and those who found the images distressing or nightmare-inducing.

For me, self-appointed, unofficial president of the CATS fan club, the release of the trailer was better than Christmas morning, even if it’s not the CATS that I know and love. I’m still very excited to see one of my favorite musicals get a reimagining on the big screen.

However, one of the most common misconceptions about the musical is that it doesn’t have a plot, and Twitter was quick to denounce the musical’s book when the trailer dropped.