Professionnel Head and Face shaver 

Clean and Professional shave at Home!

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45.000+ Satisfied customers
The cleanest shave you’ll ever experience.
No cuts
Waterproof – usable in the shower
30 day money back guarantee
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Tired of the hassles from a traditional razor? 

Razors suck and that’s why:

not durable

increased risk of cuts

lead to ingrown hair

slow and annoying to use

Say Goodbye to annoying and totally inefficient razors!

Change the way you shave forever!

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 Shave your head in less than a minute.

No need to buy new razors all the time 

Easy to clean 

Less irritation

  Shave everywhere, wet or dry


Wet Shave in the Shower

Lenwon Professional Electric Shaver uses IPX5 technology and is water resistant giving you the freedom and convenience of shaving in the shower (please do not submerge the shaver). Naturally, our shavers are also perfectly adapted for dry shaving offering high-quality close shave and exceptional results. It will give you the freedom to shave the way you prefer. Wet or dry, with shaving foam or without. The results are impeccable each time.


Feel strong and confident

Nothing shows more power than a proud bold man perfectly shaved. Your morning routine will never be easier. 

Shave in less than a minute!!!

No cuts

Look perfectly clean all the time 

Feel like a strong and confident man


30 day money back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our Professional Shaver, we’ll refund you instantly (no questions asked).

What our customers say

This is the one! I’ve tried a few of these head shavers. The two I tried before this required multiple passes, over and over and over again to get the job done. Not the Pitbull. I’m not saying it’s a one pass wonder but WAY better. Battery life is insane. It’s a breeze to disassemble and clean and you can use it in the shower. I’ve been very happy with it.


This shaver works as advertised! I wont be using a razor anymore. Sure, it’s not as close of a cut but its not far off. I haven’t tried any others, but I dont think you could find one that gives a closer cut. I’ll be using this from now on


I have been bald by choice for last two decades. I have tried many electric razors from all the big brand names over the years and all fell way short of their claims for a close smooth shave. They all felt like plucking devices instead of a shaver. That left me one option which was a razor blade. I have resorted to shaving cream and a razor for nearly the entire 20 years that I have been shaving my head. I am happy with the result of a razor, but the time it takes and the occasional slicing of the head have always left me hoping for something better. Along comes this Professional Shaver. I thought I’d give it a try and I was blown away with the results. This shaver is the perfect shaver for a bald head. Feels great during use, and the results are great. Let’s be truthful that this shaver isn’t going to leave your head as slick and shiny as a razor but it’s so close, that the convenience of this shaver makes this the winner. I have found that because it is so easy to use that I am shaving my head every other day to keep that just cut look. The battery life is ridiculous. I charged this before using the first time and I have used it 2-3 times each week for the last month and it still has 60% battery remaining. The way it fits your hand makes it very easy to use, it’s almost like rubbing your head with your hand. The blades are super sharp and cut as well as a standard razor. The overall result is WOW!! If you are bald and shave your head you owe it to yourself to try this razor.


I’ve had a number of shavers over the last 14 years but none even come close to this one.
After reading some reviews I was hesitant, but decided to give it a try, despite the cost.
The battery lasts a very long time and the shave is closer than any I’ve had, even with a straight razor. Maybe how I use it? Not sure.
Super easy to clean.


My husband says its the best one out there. Easy to use. One thing he says would be that it would have a trimmer added to it but overall, it’s a great product!


While it looks like it could be heavy, it’s actually light weight and super comfy to use
I experienced zero pain and no cuts on first use
I use it in the shower and works great
I’ve shaved 3x so far and from a full charge i still have 83% battery life.
It comes with a nice case to hold your gear neatly
Bottom line… this product is worth the investment. Don’t reconsider. Buy it and thank me later. 🙂


Detailed Information


Patented Unique Design
Each blade floats independently, allowing 360° of contouring
Powerful integrated lithium-ion battery (1400 mAh)
90 minutes of cordless use
IPX5 technology and water resistant

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