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Picking the right project is hard.

That’s why we created the NFT Investors CLUB.

Weekly Project Updates by our NFT experts

Every week we are updating our community with a list of the most promising NFT projects, as well as articles and tools that will help you stay on top of the NFT game.

What to expect from the NFT Investors Club:

Weekly Calendar of Upcoming Promising NFT Collections, along with our Priority Rating and Notes

Weekly Analysis of 8-15 NFT Projects and our personal opinion

Articles with tips & tricks, such as: Strategies on How to Get Whitelisted on Big NFT Projects, Insiders Tips and Tricks to Flip NFTs…

Tools and sheets to assist you with your research and flipping process

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You will be charged $1 for the 7 days trial period. After the trial ends, you will be charged $37/month for the NFT Investors Club access. You can cancel anytime during the trial or regular period of your NFT Investors Club subscription.

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Why 7-day trial period?

The 7-day trial period is so you can verify the value of the NFT Investors Club.
Our top priority is to provide value that matches the expectations of our members. As NFTs are a new field, we try to stay on top of the game compared to 95% of all the people involved in NFT flipping. 
We spend dozens of hours each week on researching NFT projects and strategies, so we can provide you with the best selection of most current happenings and upcoming projects.

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